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16 - 18 September, 2011

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Customer Management Exchange MVP

Markus Kramer, Global Marketing Director, Aston MartinMarkus Kramer
Global Marketing Director
Aston Martin

Markus Kramer heads up worldwide Marketing for Aston Martin. Based out of the UK, he builds teams and marketing frameworks to enable powerful, consistent and efficient brand delivery in multi market environments. Hear Markus speak exclusively for the Customer Management Exchange at the CMO Exchange, St.Albans in June and the Customer Experience Exchange for Retail, London, in July.

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Welcome to the Customer Management Exchange Group

There’s no denying that the customer is king, and that enterprises globally are investing more and more in putting the customer or consumer at the heart of everything they do. From product development to marketing to service delivery to back office operations, the organisations seeing business growth in today’s volatile economic climate are the ones that are effectively aligning business and customer strategy.

The great news for customers is that the majority of leading global brands have cottoned onto this fact, and are currently in the throws of transforming their entire organisations to ensure a holistic multi-channel customer experience.

It is however more easily said than done, which is why here at CM Exchange Network we’ve developed a series of bespoke, invitation-only Exchange meetings, tailored specifically for strategic customer management decision-makers - those responsible for shaping, driving and embedding this change.

"Learning is more than absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding"

Each Exchange offers key industry experts the opportunity to connect with like minded peers from all over the world, to share their experience, knowledge and ideas – creating genuinely unique learning and networking opportunities.

In conjunction with in-depth research programmes, we work closely with the Customer Management Advisory Council to help shape and direct the content for the entire portfolio of Exchange events.

Unlike traditional conferences or tradeshows, the primary focus and benefit of the Exchange is forging new relationships and enhancing existing partnerships.

The format of an Exchange is therefore distinct. The mix of conference sessions, structured networking, interactive Think Tank discussions and private, pre-scheduled business meetings between the most senior customer management decision-makers and the world’s most innovative solution providers, simplifies the process for sourcing new solutions, enabling you to discover strategies that are working for others and offering you early previews of emerging technologies.

Sponsor Testimonials

"Stunning cast of senior executives and decision makers, all keen to discuss their respective requirements and plans" Business Develop Manager EMEA – LogMeIn
"The Exchange team make it very easy to work together, it’s like they actually become part of your extended onsite team. They provide open and honest feedback, which means it becomes more of a long term relationship than a one-off " Director, EMEA Marketing, Lithium
"The Exchange has opened far more business opportunities than I was expecting – the investment was well worth it " Chief Executive Officer, MMIT
"The business opportunities are ‘head and shoulders’ better than anything else we’ve done due to the format and the attentiveness of the Exchange staff, who strive to make the right connections and understand our business needs " Director of Business Development, Cynergy
"I love the unique one-to-one business model. The in-depth delegate profile form really allows us to research our meetings beforehand, and learn a huge amount from the organizations and individuals we will be meeting with, allowing us to tailor our business offerings" Executive Vice President & Partner, Clickfox
"A very interesting experience which has opened up doors we could not have opened before but which has also enabled us to learn from those we are targeting and to understand their issues more closely " Managing Director, Purple Frog
"One of the best opportunities to meet some of the top Directors in Europe, within days of the event we had been contacted by prospects wanting to see us " EMEA Sales Director, Silver Lining
"From the two days I think I’m walking away with five potential projects with clear actions that we agreed upon here. So, I can tell you that the two days have been very helpful on finding new business opportunities " Senior Account Director, Satmetrix
"I thought the networking opportunities at the Exchange were great. Obviously the one-to-one meetings are great but the informal ones even better because that’s when you can, in a much more informal environment, chat with people and build relationships" UKI Marketing Manager – Aprimo
"It has given us the opportunity to meet with the right level of individual with the potential to lead to new business for our company" Marketing Communications Specialist, Acxiom

Delegate Testimonials

"The event was great! I really enjoy participating. It was one of the best exchanges I have attended. You and your team did a terrific job! " Managing Director – Global Contact Center Head – Citi
"It inspired me to make a difference and reminded me that I can" Global Customer Service Director – Elizabeth Arden
"What I love about this event is that there’s a great mix between content delivery and actual interaction so you get to spend structured time interacting with colleagues for both networking and deepening your knowledge and understanding, and it’s has been absolutely fantastic " Chief Customer Officer - MetLife
"The Customer Experience Exchange is exceptional. The blend of the people that have been invited and the vendors is exceptional – I’ve personally walked away with new knowledge and lasting relationships " Global Chief Marketing Officer - FanKix
"The Exchange was a great way to see CX from the perspective of different industries and get inspired by new ideas " Director of Customer Experience - Hilton Worldwide
"Perfect blend of networking of peers across diverse companies while adding an opportunity to voluntarily meet with vendors...loved the experience " Senior Director, Consumer Support, Experience & Planning – Microsoft
"The thing I’ve found most valuable here is the quality of the attendees - I’ve had the best conversations here I’ve had in years " Chief Experience Officer –CIGNA
"It was useful to inspire me - seeing so many people focusing on customers and their needs was great " Managing Director - Virgin Insight
"Probably the best event I’ve ever attended - VP & Head of Barclays Private Investment Management" Barclays Wealth
"I would like to thank you again for the invitation to this great event. It was very useful for me to meet my peers and to discuss our common issues. The balance between vendors and peers is perfect, and the meetings and presentations are never too long, but always interactive "AVP Direct Sales and Services International – Air France KLM